I Moved for a Man and Found my Ladies

A year ago, I moved to Austin for a budding new relationship and a much needed lifestyle change after 8 years on the grind in NYC. After settling into my new man, apt and job, I realized I was missing a critical piece of the puzzle:



Ladies Get Paid was a group I’d been involved with in NYC, which had the noble mission of closing the gender wage gap. I’d been a salary negotiation coach for a few years at this point after getting myself a 25K raise, and figuring out how to apply that newfound knowledge to help other women do the same.

I’d hit it off with the LGP founders and they called pretty much as soon as I’d landed in Texas to ask if I’d launch the local chapter and be their salary negotiation instructor here. I was thrilled to be asked but immediately nervous to disappoint since I had zero network.

I went to work anyway, rallied a committee of three awesome women, and challenged us to be the best professional women’s network in Austin by year end. 11 events later--with support from local celebrities like Gay Gaddis and Wendy Davis--LGPatx has grown to over 1200 women!


Helping women earn more money has been a very fulfilling part of my life. But ultimately, I started to see something I couldn’t unsee:


The extra money wasn’t being saved, invested or applied strategically in a way that could transform their financial futures. We were literally "working (too) hard for the money" to let it slip away so easily. I had to do something.

And so, ElleFactor Circles were born to help women figure out how to invest in themselves, the markets, and each other via solid financial knowledge, guidance and community.

I believe that, like Ladies Get Paid is working to close the wage gap, the ElleFactor will work to do the same for the investing gap (which can cost us upwards of $1M over our adult lives--no joke!).

If you’re ready to invest in your financial future in order to ensure your stability, security, clarity, and autonomy when it comes to your personal finances, this is your moment.

The best part? You don't have to do it alone. ElleFactor Circles are an in-person, dedicated and supportive way to start designing the future you really want using money as the tool.

To be considered for an ElleFactor Circle or to check whether you're ready to take control of your financial life, fill out the Money Fundamentals Questionnaireor learn more about the process.