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Don't overthink it, and don't spend too much time on it. We just want to make sure each space in a Circle is filled by someone willing to dig into their financial life.

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Your Name
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I have a healthy and responsible relationship with money? *
I have a healthy and responsible relationship with money?
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Do you have your financial goals outlined and are they physically written down somewhere? *
How do you feel about this statement: Money is a tool. Money is a quality resource I can use to design the life I want. *
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Do you actively stock pick? *
(Take your total monthly fixed debt payments (min cc payments, mortgage, car, school loans, etc) and divide that into your monthly income. Example: $2200 (monthly fixed)/$3800 (monthly income)= .578 or 58%
You really think we wouldn't ask... ;) Luckily, age ain't nothin' but a number.