Exciting news!

Our money community has been growing so quickly in Austin and we've been getting so much great feedback about our Circles that...


We'll have a brand-new name and a whole new look. BUT we'll still be the same tough-love gals that encourage and inspire you to take charge of your finances.

Who do you talk to about your money?

And how often do you talk about the following in your friend groups?

  • Personal finance

  • investing strategies

  • financial goals

  • retirement planning


Are you ready to join a group of women making serious money moves? Like..

  • Gaining financial clarity

  • Creating a wealth plan

  • Investing beyond traditional retirement accounts

  • Confidently evaluating investment opportunities

  • Forming deep connections with new (money) friends

  • Staying accountable

  • Working towards their goals

If you're like most women..

These topics are rarely getting discussed together, which leads to confusion or, worse, inaction

Circles were created as a space for women to get active in their financial life. 

Each circle includes a group of women who meet online for 4 sessions to work towards financial freedom— together.

Afterwards, they get access to a private network of female investors sharing and evaluating opportunities.

You should take a Circle if you’re not satisfied with your:

  • Salary / Compensation

  • Knowledge about finances

  • Retirement savings

  • Bank account balances

  • Investment knowledge

  • Investment portfolio

  • Level of debt

  • Net worth




Reserve your spot for when we launch new Circles online later this Summer:

What do women think about their Circle experience?

“I thought my relationship with money was good, but I wanted to do (the Circle) anyways because I liked the idea of an all female group that could talk really openly.

Since doing ElleFactor, my relationship with money has actually changed pretty drastically…I now have a better understanding of what my money is really doing for me, where it can be working harder in other areas and opportunities for growth, and how to really build wealth. It helped put things into a new light for me and my husband as we start a family.” -Amanda T.

“Before the ElleFactor Circle, my relationship with money was complicated.

I was unsure if I was making the right financial decisions and I didn’t know who to ask or where to look for those resources. After participating in the Circle I feel like I have this group of women that are on my team and want to see me succeed. I also feel like my financial future is more certain and I know what I need to do to reach the goals that my partner and I have set out.” -Christine G.

“I now know how much I need to be depositing into an investment account in order to reach my goals. I know have goals!

I know that they’re attainable. I know that I can buy a house and it’s not that complicated or scary. I feel inspired by the other women doing incredible things with their money too. Most importantly, throughout this whole process, I just feel really empowered to take control of my financial life and afford the things I know I want to afford and not have to worry about it.” -Julia T.

You either master money, or, on some level, money masters you.
— Tony Robbins


“Savings and investments were not my first priority before;

I paid my bills, bought my clothes/drinks/plane tickets, and then moved what I had left over into those accounts. It's not that I wasn't saving, but I had no formal plan and didn't know how much I saved in a given month. Now that money exits my checking account on autopilot and builds up regularly.” -Maggie E.

“Taking a Circle helped cut through years of information overwhelm

And self-imposed money shame, so much so that decisions that I would have obsessed over for months are now easy to make. The analysis tools and spreadsheets depersonalized my expenses and net worth so I could lose the judgement and start having constructive conversations with my husband about goals and planning for the future.” -Sarah M.

“I was "good" at a lot of things-- maxing out my 401k, not spending too much and putting the rest of my money into a brokerage.

However, when we were talking about millionaires it was an aha moment that NONE of them got wealthy with just one income stream.” -Ellie C.



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