The ElleFactor is a society for female financial empowerment.

Since two heads are better than one, this is a group for women who want to supercharge their financial life. Our goal is to champion women to explore the paths to financial freedom (aka early retirement). Yes, it's possible!


Money is a powerful tool.

learn how to use it so you can design the life you want

Strip away self-doubt, judgment and societal pressure that says talking about money is ‘taboo’ and you can literally discover a “gold mind” inside of you.
— Allegra Moet Brantly, Founder of The ElleFactor

What is a Woman's Financial Society? 

A judgement-free place for women to talk money, learn $ fundamentals and grow their wealth while supporting each other along the way. 

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Meet Your New $ Friends

Discover your financial prowess while meeting a new class of financially empowered women. When you come together to take charge of money, you'll stay together to strengthen it.

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